Disco Pay™
With disco2app, your guests can pay cash-free simply by using their smartphone, so that the fun never stops and the atmosphere stays electric.
Disco Pay™
Take the next step and turn your club night into an unforgettable event. We’ll help you make it happen with your own nightclub app.
Generate buzz around your events using push notifications and connect directly with clubbers. Attract more customers and increase your revenue.
Let your audience know about new events, wish them a happy birthday or reward regulars with exclusive vouchers.
Marketing tool
Target group research: disco2app displays all your customer info at a glance. Tell them about news, special offers and get the word out about your next event.
Marketing tool
Your app will show you what your guests love so you can design events that cater exactly to their tastes and ensure your club is a solid gold hit.
Be sure to stand out from the crowd

Want to know what disco2app can do for you? We can create a test account free of charge and arrange a meeting where we explain the benefits of having your own nightclub app. Check out our disco2app video to get a flavour of what we can offer.

< Cool features >

Limitless possibilities

Push notifications

Share the latest news using the nightclub app and reach 100% of your audience: they will instantly see your message on their smartphone.


Promote your club by offering exciting and exclusive special offers and generate revenue with third-party vouchers.


Guests check in using their smartphones. Send them special offers, rewards and lots more. Build a community of loyal partygoers.


Assign customised access rights so that members of your team (e.g. photographers) can upload content and you can dedicate more time to your club.

Disco Pay™

Who wants to count pennies? Your guests can pay via smartphone while you reap the benefits of faster transactions.


Make sure guests have your upcoming events at their fingertips. Send them all the info they need and organise special app parties.


The options are limitless. Already have a website, online shop or ticketing system? Integrate it into the nightclub app in just a few easy steps.


The app’s unlimited reach cuts down on expensive print and advertising. You can also boost your revenue with sponsors.

App check-in

Say goodbye to stressful door and coat check policies. Make stamps and cloakroom tickets a thing of the past with payments via app.

Party pics

Share photos in a private space. Upload pictures of last night directly in the app. The community can like, share & comment.


Integrate all of your channels into the app to streamline your nightclub marketing. Access statistics on guests and optimise your events.


Manage your club wherever and whenever you like. Stay in touch with all your guests without having to rely on social media.
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Change the scene

Partyfotos in der Disco App

Stay ahead of the competition

Keep guests coming back and attract more customers. Your nightclub app will open up a whole world of opportunity.

Party non-stop

No cash? No problem! Offer your guests simple, limitless payments via the app.

Marketing made easy

Your guests save money with vouchers – you boost your revenue and get to know your community even better. Marketing a nightclub has never been easier.

Satisfied customers

"Before, it was a struggle to keep revellers coming. But last season was incredible! Each party allowed us to get to know our guests even better and to understand exactly what we needed to tweak to attract partygoers. Our club is jam-packed every weekend. It wouldn’t have been possible without disco2app."

Nicky Schönherr

Social Content Manager [Nachtwerk Zwickau]

Attract new customers

Get the word out about your event through direct nightclub marketing – generate buzz with 100% reach.

Retain existing ones

Falling numbers? Not with disco2app. Reward regulars and keep them coming back again and again.

Enhance their experience

Special offers and vouchers will help your guests save money and boost your revenue.
< Party all night long >

Disco Pay™

Guests won’t have to call it a night if they run out of cash. Now they can add credit on the app and pay admission and cloakroom charges, as well as at the bar, all using their smartphone. It’s easy to top up so they can stay and party all night long.

Disco Pay am iPhone

< The future >

Your guests are evolving?
It’s time you did too!

Vorteile von disco2app
A win-win for you & your guests
Gain and retain customers
Cut down on advertising costs
Boost revenue
Cashless payment & cloakroom
Exclusive vouchers
Private party pics
< Follow the crowd >

disco2app puts you in direct contact with your guests so you no longer have to rely on social media


Increase your crowd numbers with push notifications directly to clubbers’ smartphones.


Create your own nightclub app that includes the features you actually need – all with your own visual identity.


Use the app as intuitively as your guests: minimal effort, maximum results.
< Solution >

Why disco2app is the right solution for your club


The app is available for Android and iOS and couldn’t be easier to use. Make desired changes anytime you like using our outstanding infrastructure.


Your app won’t cost the earth – just a monthly instalment. Create your nightclub app together with us. From design to features: we’ll customise everything to suit your needs and budget.


Maintenance, repair, support and unlimited updates are all included free of charge. Our experienced team can resolve any challenge, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.
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