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Do I need to be in the office to send push notifications?

Not necessarily. You can send push notifications whenever and wherever you like thanks to our foolproof app. Some notifications, e.g. birthday messages, are sent automatically.

I don’t want any old run-of-the-mill app. Can I get one that’s appropriate for my club?

Of course! You choose the colours and features, so that the app perfectly complements your club.

Do I need to have all the features?

You can, but you don’t have to. We won’t try to talk you into adding features you don’t want. Just tell us which ones you’d like and we’ll make it happen. If you want to add more at a later date, we can also expand the app to include more features.

Won’t it be really complicated?

Don’t worry. You’ll be sent the finished app, which you can use intuitively. Just write to us and we’ll show you how easy it is.

What are the benefits of having the app?

The app will increase customer loyalty. They’ll come back again and again, boosting your revenue. The analytics will also allow you to see what your customers love. Not to mention the fact that your nightclub app will be so amazing, you’ll easily stand out from the competition.

Sounds cool, but surely it’s going to cost a packet to develop?

That would usually be the case. A server, app development, backend, maintenance, etc. can be a huge expense for one individual to shoulder. But we provide the disco2app as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. You simply tell us what you want your nightclub app to do and we customise the app to meet your needs. You then only pay for what you really need via our monthly payment package, allowing you to keep costs down.

Is it just a waste of money?

Quite the opposite. The app enables you to increase your revenue by creating a crowd of enthusiastic partygoers as well as bring in some extra funds through third-party vouchers and sponsors. What’s more, you’ll save on expensive nightclub marketing campaigns – all with minimal effort.

What operating systems does disco2app support?

Your guests can download the app for Android and iOS.

Won’t it just mean extra admin?

No. Events, special offers, etc., can simply be integrated directly from your website.

What happens when guests suddenly run out of credit?

It’s not an issue if your guests forget to top up before the party. They can buy credit at any time while they’re in the club so the fun can continue.

Can I also receive tips via Disco Pay?

Absolutely. The mobile payment function doesn’t mean staff have to miss out on tips. When they pay, guests are given three options: an amount fixed by you, 10% or no tip. You can then choose whether the tips are shared amongst all the bar staff or whether the server keeps the entire amount.

What happens if a guest doesn’t have or doesn’t want the app?

Well, other than missing out on countless cool features, nothing. The app is an add-on to your club. It’s not a must-have for guests.

I run a festival. Can you also develop an app for me?

Of course we can. Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.