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Do I need to be in the office to send push notifications?

Not necessarily. Send push notifications whenever you want, wherever you want. The easy operation makes it possible. For example, your guests automatically receive birthday messages. 

I don't want a run-of-the-mill app, is there one that fits my club?

Of course. We use the colors and functions you want. This way, the app complements your club perfectly. 

Do I have use all the functions?

You don’t have to, but you can. We won’t force anything on you that you don’t want. Just tell us which features convince you, and we’ll implement them. If you want more later on, we can make that happen too.

Isn't it terribly complicated?

Not for you. You get the finished app, which is easy to use intuitively. Write to us, and we’ll show you how easy it is.

What do I get from the app?

The app enhances the loyalty of your guests. They come back again and bring you more revenue. In the back office, you also find out everything your customers are into. Moreover, your disco app becomes so fantastic that you clearly stand out from your competition.

Awesome, but the development is surely extremely expensive?

Normally, yes! Just the servers, app development, backend, maintenance, and more would incur high costs for an individual. However, we provide disco2app as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. You simply tell us what you want your disco app to do, and we tailor the app to your needs. In the monthly all-inclusive package, you only pay for what you really need and benefit from our affordable conditions.

Is that throwing money away?

On the contrary. With the app, you increase your revenue with a party-hungry crowd and earn additional money through external vouchers or sponsorship. And: You save on other expensive marketing campaigns – almost effortlessly. 

Which operating systems does disco2app support?

Your guests can download your app for Android and iOS.

Does the app mean more administrative effort?

No. You integrate events, specials, and more directly into your website.

What if the wallet is suddenly empty?

If your guests forgot to top up their credit before the party, no problem. They can top it up anytime in the club and keep on partying.

Do I still get tips through Disco Pay?

Yes, of course. With the mobile payment function, you don’t lose out on tips. Your guests have 3 options: a fixed amount chosen by you, 10%, or no tip. For distribution, you can choose whether it’s divided at the bar or the respective staff member receives the sum.

If a guest doesn't have or doesn't want to use the app?

Other than missing out on numerous cool features, it’s not a problem. The app is an additional offering that complements your club. It’s not mandatory.

I don't have a nightclub, but I manage a festival. Can you create an app for that too?

No problem. Just go to our contact form, tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.