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Who’s behind disco2app?

With disco2app, we pursue our own mission: an app that delivers added value to club managers and guests.

We, that’s the team of 2peaches – a software company specializing in the development of mobile apps and websites since 2006. Since the first days of the App Store and the growing smartphone market, we have been developing apps with passion. 2peaches is not only one of the first app forges in Germany but also one of the leading ones. In our over 10 years of experience, we have gathered more than 5 million users and work for established, renowned companies in various industries.

In addition to the nerdy part of our lives, there is a part that brings us even closer: electronic music and parties. Numerous club, disco, and festival visits with an affinity for electronic music ultimately brought two of us together with the scene. In 2017, we released the first disco app with “Nachtwerk Zwickau“. After over one year of conceptualization and development, users flocked to the app. The feedback from the disco manager and users was outstanding. It quickly became clear to us: all clubs and discos should be able to benefit from this app. Our software as a service company, disco2app, was born.

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We are disco2app

Our team has been developing disco2app for more than 5 years. In the last 14 years, we have developed apps with over 6 million downloads. With us, your disco app with club digitization will also be a complete success.




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